Sunday, January 11, 2009

Only in America

A nation where no babies are crying is a nation that is dying
Gas prices are too high
And innocent people are dying
Our country is in debt
But our government’s pockets are fat
And obesity is in the top 10 reasons for death
We breathe toxic air therefore No birds are flying
And we throw waste in our waters so we have no fish for frying
A melting pot of people confused due to politicians only telling half of the truth
And everyone here works two to live under one roof
A place where people glorify stars
And cities and towns are ran by the red, white, and blue
Many states, cities, towns, and families affected by Mother Nature are 2nd priority
Because there is oil everywhere and money is to be made
I won’t let my family live at a status less than royalty
Greed and Money are truly the roots of all evil here
This is where I live
This is America

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