Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dreams of a Visionary

Sitting here quoting my mind
Wondering if I have something deep inside
To write something as Dr. Martin Luther King did
I have a dream to
A dream to write something so passionate
Something so powerful a deaf man could hear my words when recited and feel it in his spirit
Something so vivid a blind man would not need brail to see what I have scripted
I want it to be an essence so great the tasteless could taste
I was wondering if I could be a visionary
So if you were to step inside my mind, and look through my eyes, you could see a world so divine
If I was a visionary
I would script a picture so exquisite, that the only way to see it, is if you look up like Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel
I never though inside the box, because I seen that everyone was square from the outside
God conceived a path for me
So I decided to follow that dream
And along that road a seed was planted inside of me
It sprouted and I emerged into a visionary
A fantasy turned into reality of what God created me to

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