Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dreams of a Visionary

Sitting here quoting my mind
Wondering if I have something deep inside
To write something as Dr. Martin Luther King did
I have a dream to
A dream to write something so passionate
Something so powerful a deaf man could hear my words when recited and feel it in his spirit
Something so vivid a blind man would not need brail to see what I have scripted
I want it to be an essence so great the tasteless could taste
I was wondering if I could be a visionary
So if you were to step inside my mind, and look through my eyes, you could see a world so divine
If I was a visionary
I would script a picture so exquisite, that the only way to see it, is if you look up like Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel
I never though inside the box, because I seen that everyone was square from the outside
God conceived a path for me
So I decided to follow that dream
And along that road a seed was planted inside of me
It sprouted and I emerged into a visionary
A fantasy turned into reality of what God created me to

Fate's Movie Script

Eyes are on stuck as if I was watching an intense movie scene
A beauty I had never seen
As she walked by
Everything slowed down as if it was just me an her in that special movie scene
Where everyone disappears
And our eyes connect like baseball to bat
Small talked popped up in the air
And out the park we hit it off
Like for one night or could this be love at first sight
A devil in disguise or God’s gift from the heaven skies
I despise my mind for having its own assumptions at times
But at one time my mind was at war with women
Reasons being
Commitment and Faithfulness
Have now been laid to rest and brought to a place of tranquility
You see
In the battle cupid shot me with an arrow
Which gave me the ability to see that you and me were mean to be
Fate wrote the script
And it is up to us to complete the scene
Let’s make this movie a reality
Just You and Me

L.O.V.E. (Lust Over Valuable Entities)

I have a L.O.V.E for expensive chains, diamond rings, cars that go 200mph, and high maintenance girls that need a touch up every hour
You see
Why go to school when my parent told me I become a model, sports superstar, rock sold out coliseum, make history, and have my guitar end up in the rock & roll hall of fame museum
Television raised me to believe what I had seen with the naked eye
2nd thoughts make me despise my L.O.V.E or should I just say my Lust Over Vaulable Entities
A curse given to me
As a gift
So that I spend money I don’t have and acquire friends called debt
Making life seem like a joke introduce me to a girl named broke
Everything I once had, has now become a thing of the past
All because of my L.O.V.E to Lost Over Valuable Entities

Only in America

A nation where no babies are crying is a nation that is dying
Gas prices are too high
And innocent people are dying
Our country is in debt
But our government’s pockets are fat
And obesity is in the top 10 reasons for death
We breathe toxic air therefore No birds are flying
And we throw waste in our waters so we have no fish for frying
A melting pot of people confused due to politicians only telling half of the truth
And everyone here works two to live under one roof
A place where people glorify stars
And cities and towns are ran by the red, white, and blue
Many states, cities, towns, and families affected by Mother Nature are 2nd priority
Because there is oil everywhere and money is to be made
I won’t let my family live at a status less than royalty
Greed and Money are truly the roots of all evil here
This is where I live
This is America


Life to me is simply like a pair of shoes
You are born brand new
Minor mistakes leave unwanted creases
Shoes get a little dirty, you buy shoe cleaner to clean up your act
You find that special someone in your life
You tie the knot as you would with your laces
The wares and tears represent the struggle and whatever you be through in life
Like any good shoe
You lasted a long time
But at some point there is a time when you must go
And if you been through any poverty stricken neighborhood
The shoes on the telephone wires represent the endWhich is death

I just died

I wake up in the morning eyes open and I can’t see the sun
My body is not moving like I been shot by the gun
Free like an ocean breeze
My soul has been taken by the one
Rain falls as tears shed
For I am not able to say good-bye to loved ones
My last breath I’ll use to sway the trees as I wave
On my way to a place of serenity
Please don’t cry
Close your eyes, smile, and think about the good times
For life is just one giant clock and everyone’s Tic-Toc
Will stop
And we will all be together again up top

Class is in Session

Light bulb above my head
Idea or thought
Magically what’s in my head I
Tattoo on paper and call it art
What keeps me going is this organ inside called the heart
Which pumps ether through these vains
That generates a burning desire
A will to succeed
Which I call fire
Put in a position in which I may inspire
Under pressure I’ll never perspire
And just as a sign of respect I would like the
Class to call me sire
Today’s lesson is why find a buyer when imagination is free
Your aspirations are close
Just follow your dreams

Random thoughts in Apartment # 906

Mind is blank
I find myself staring at white paint
Sitting in a chair that is about to break
There is no food in the apartment
So therefore my stomach aches
Boredom kills, but you won’t find me popping any pills to make this experience any better
In this so called heaven of living on your own
It’s more like hell in this tedious town
Working just to buy a vowel to add to the statement
“I’m Broke”
I didn’t spin the wheel of fortune and expect my life to turn out this way
The one good thing to come to me
She is moving in a couple of weeks
No compassion is needed for my pen & my minds actions
This is just a disappointment in my life’s satisfactions

Another L for the Nice Guys

I’m looking way to fresh for you to not be coming with me tonight
Sorry if I came off cocky but your beauty is like the sun on a nice summer day hitting me just right making me feel warm and alright
I already know you’re thinking I’m just another man just trying to take you home and crush
But I’m the one to pull out your chair, sit you down, talk over lunch, while drinking orange crush
IN my mind I knew that line was lame
But in that lip shape frame a smile came
Perfect time to ask for her number which she gave
I dialed it when I got home just to hear……
“Thank you for calling pizza hut this is Dave”
Well I took another L for the nice guys
The assholes always win!

Drunken Experience

My mind has the room spinning 360 degrees
The alcohol added a new swag to my step because
Now I’m stumbling at times just to make it to the wall or someone just to keep me up
Girls I would never talk to because of appearance now look like Victoria Secret Models
Every word I pronounce comes out with a slur
And very quickly my vision is becoming blurred
It seems as if I’m in the matrix because everything is moving so slow
Hunger has come over me
I believe I have the drunken munchies
Not being in the right state of mind, friends have persuaded me, that food is on me
Jack in the Box it is
Jr. Bacon Cheese Burgers never looked so good till this moment
1st bite exploding with flavor as if it was a 4th of July firework in my mouth
2nd bite fills me up
The vision of what looked so good a moment ago
Now splattered all over the floor
Something that had me feeling so good at one moment
Now has me paying the consequences
Waking up as if the little drummer boy was in my brain
Because my head is beating in pain
So young
So dumb is what an old person might say
Maybe I did learn my lesson due to this minor mistake
I didn’t think so because I already made plans to do it again around eight.