Sunday, January 11, 2009

L.O.V.E. (Lust Over Valuable Entities)

I have a L.O.V.E for expensive chains, diamond rings, cars that go 200mph, and high maintenance girls that need a touch up every hour
You see
Why go to school when my parent told me I become a model, sports superstar, rock sold out coliseum, make history, and have my guitar end up in the rock & roll hall of fame museum
Television raised me to believe what I had seen with the naked eye
2nd thoughts make me despise my L.O.V.E or should I just say my Lust Over Vaulable Entities
A curse given to me
As a gift
So that I spend money I don’t have and acquire friends called debt
Making life seem like a joke introduce me to a girl named broke
Everything I once had, has now become a thing of the past
All because of my L.O.V.E to Lost Over Valuable Entities

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