Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fate's Movie Script

Eyes are on stuck as if I was watching an intense movie scene
A beauty I had never seen
As she walked by
Everything slowed down as if it was just me an her in that special movie scene
Where everyone disappears
And our eyes connect like baseball to bat
Small talked popped up in the air
And out the park we hit it off
Like for one night or could this be love at first sight
A devil in disguise or God’s gift from the heaven skies
I despise my mind for having its own assumptions at times
But at one time my mind was at war with women
Reasons being
Commitment and Faithfulness
Have now been laid to rest and brought to a place of tranquility
You see
In the battle cupid shot me with an arrow
Which gave me the ability to see that you and me were mean to be
Fate wrote the script
And it is up to us to complete the scene
Let’s make this movie a reality
Just You and Me

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