Sunday, January 11, 2009

Drunken Experience

My mind has the room spinning 360 degrees
The alcohol added a new swag to my step because
Now I’m stumbling at times just to make it to the wall or someone just to keep me up
Girls I would never talk to because of appearance now look like Victoria Secret Models
Every word I pronounce comes out with a slur
And very quickly my vision is becoming blurred
It seems as if I’m in the matrix because everything is moving so slow
Hunger has come over me
I believe I have the drunken munchies
Not being in the right state of mind, friends have persuaded me, that food is on me
Jack in the Box it is
Jr. Bacon Cheese Burgers never looked so good till this moment
1st bite exploding with flavor as if it was a 4th of July firework in my mouth
2nd bite fills me up
The vision of what looked so good a moment ago
Now splattered all over the floor
Something that had me feeling so good at one moment
Now has me paying the consequences
Waking up as if the little drummer boy was in my brain
Because my head is beating in pain
So young
So dumb is what an old person might say
Maybe I did learn my lesson due to this minor mistake
I didn’t think so because I already made plans to do it again around eight.

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